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Sport Arena returns policy is to accept any item within 15 calendar days by the delivery date of the item (indicated by DHL/other carrier airway bill document).

Sport Arena will accept responsibility for any incorrectly shipped, damaged or otherwise faulty item. In this case we can replace the item free of charge or provide you with full refund. Shipping cost for shipping the faulty item back to us is compensated by Sport Arena, for the cost indicated on the package and only if the package was sent by registered post only (no courier service such as UPS, DHL, etc can be compensated).

For your own protection and perfect cooperation between you and Sport Arena suggest that you use a recorded delivery service as we cannot be held responsible for goods not received. These goods should be shipped through normal post, as we cannot refund you for shipping costs using other carriers.

Please indicate with a written document in the returns package your request in brief and if you would like to exchange the product with another item. Alternatively, you can contact us at +30 210 6773366 and let us know if you would like to exchange the item, or if you have any complaint with our service/products.

For return of non-faulty items or exchange of products, the customer agrees to bear all shipping cost.

Before returning a product, please check the following which are the conditions for Sport Arena to accept products return:

The item is in the condition when you received it (with tabs, not scratched, dirty,etc.). That means being in a "re-saleable" condition

Your product has not been in any way customised (any name/number printings on, badges shewed, etc.)

The product has not been on a discount or offer when purchased.

The product to be returned is not underwear.

You do have the invoice which was enclosed in the package received (which mentions products price and Sport Arena tax details). This invoice should be included in your return.

If the returned product does meet any of the above criteria, please feel free to send it back to us. Otherwise, we reserve the right to deny the return.

The option for an exchange of a product is available only if the replacement item is the same product with different specifications (ie: Greece 04/05 home shirt, but of a different size).

Digital products: If your product(s) is digital (DVD, CD) and the reason for return is compatibility, then the customer agrees to bear all shipping costs and refund will take place only for the value of the product(s). Please check with our site information and customer service regarding compatibility of every of our digital products, before you place your order for them.

Our returns address is:

Sport Arena
Triantafyllidi 3

Before every return it is necessary to contact Sport Arena and receive a confirmation for your return. Otherwise, Sport Arena reserve the right to deny the delivery of any shipment to us from you.

Additionally, you should be able to include the invoice of your order in the return package, in order for us to complete the return process (Should you not be able to provide it, the return is not possible at all).

Putting a printing on the shirt

If you would like to have a name and number on your already purchased shirt, you can send it back to us and we will put the selected name/number for you. All shipping costs are born by the customer. What you will be charged by Sport Arena will be the printing cost and shipping cost of sending you out the shirt. If the item has not been purchased from Sport Arena an additional 9.00 euro fee will be incurred.

Products aftercare

Names or numbers have been designed for professional players to wear a few times only. Due to their delicate nature, great care must be taken to prolong their life span. Therefore, you should gently hand-wash in warm water only, never iron the product, never tumble-dry and never dry-clean the product.

Product return

Please note that whether a return of faulty/wrong item or a replacement one, the customer holds the responsibility for the return. Sport Arena is not responsible if the return has not been delivered to our offices, or cannot assist with tracking the package. Therefore, it is advised that all returns use a mail service with recorded tracking, in order for the person who returns the product to be assured the delivery will take place and be able to track it at any time.

Undelivered orders

For orders that are undelivered due to responsibility of the recipient (ie: absence), a refund for the product value is possible, if the package is returned back to Sport Arena by the carrier. Shipping cost cannot be refunded. Product value refund is not possible for products that have been in any way customized.